Candles Are For Sex

JK.  Kinda.
Your Halcyon Hotel candle comes with its own soundtrack, curated specially for your listening pleasure. Or any pleasure.  

We use fragrance as a visceral journey; the sensation of aroma evokes personal nostalgia, intangible memories, and ignites fantasy.  Nestled deep in the limbic system are your olfactory receptors, and it is here, in the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, that the seat of your emotion rests.

Light a candle. Listen to music.

Do what makes you feel good.  You're worth it.

Get away for a night

I'm obsessed with this candle.

It smells like nothing I've ever smelled before, yet feels so familiar.

Leanne, NYC

I opened my candle and was instantly happy.

You have a real gift for this.

Megan, NYC


The Critically Acclaimed one particular yummy.

Camille, LA

I wish I could burn Feel Good Romantic Dramady [ISLAND] on the subway during rush hour.

People would be happier.

Chloe, NYC

Romantic Drama Based on Real Life Issues

Soapy! But in a pleasant way. (A little too on the nose for a candle called Romantic Drama, but never you mind; moving right along.) Intermingled with...some kind of wood, it’s like you know how your skin smells right after a long shower where you scrubbed, shaved, did the works? Yeah...soft and fresh like that.

Into The Gloss

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